Favorite Recipes of Maverick Swaniel Harrienger

{July 24, 2013}   How to Sharpen Knives (Jacques Pepin: New Complete Techniques [2012])

Using A Ceramic Sharpener

Start with hell of blade at tip of sharpener and slide knife down length of sharpener so cutting edge abrades against it.  Apply steady and strong pressure.  Keep knife at same angle constantly.
End with point of blade near base of steel sharpener.  This is a steady stroke, one hand moving toward the other, every inch of cutting edge making contact with sharpener.  Repeat on other side of sharpener to sharpen other side of knife.

Using A Steel Sharpener

Start with heel of blade at base of steel and pull hands away from one another, finishing with tip of blade.  Repeat on other side.  Make sure thar whole blade gets worked against sharpener.  Keep angle 25° and pressure the same.


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