Favorite Recipes of Maverick Swaniel Harrienger

{April 22, 2012}   The Vortex Blue ‘Shroom Burger

2 pounds ground sirloin beef

12 strips bacon

1 tablespoon butter

4 kaiser egg buns

Blue cheese


4 lettuce leaves

4 tomato slices

4 red onion slices

Form the ground sirloin into 4 8-ounce patties.  Over an open flame, grill each burger to desired temperature.  While the patties are cooking, cook bacon until desired crispness, and set aside.

Butter both sides of each bun and grill until toasted.  On each of the four bottom buns, place the burger, followed by the blue cheese, mushrooms, and bacon, in that order.  On each of the top 4 buns, place the lettuce, tomato, and red onion, in that order.  Top with any additional condiments desired, sandwich the 2 sides and serve.


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