Favorite Recipes of Maverick Swaniel Harrienger

{April 22, 2012}   Baked Eggs with Spinach + Bacon

Cooking Spray

4 slices bacon

1 teaspoon olive oil

.5 minced onion

5 ounces spinach

Salt + Pepper

Italian Blend Cheese, shredded

4 whole eggs

2 ramekins

Toasted bread

Preheat oven to 350°F.

Spray a fry pan with cooking spray.  Heat pan over medium heat.  Add in bacon.  Cook bacon until crisp.  Once cooked, remove the bacon from the pan and place on paper towels.  Cool the bacon.  Once cool, crumble the bacon into pieces.  Set aside.

In the same pan, remove the grease and add in the olive oil.  Add in the onions.  Cook the onion until they are translucent (5 m).  Add in the spinach. Season with salt and pepper.  Cover the pan to allow the spinach to steam.  Cook the spinach 3 m/until wilted.  Remove from pan.

Spray each ramekin with cooking spray.  Add in the spinach mixture to the bottom of the ramekin leaving a hole in the center.  Next, add some bacon pieces.  Top with cheese.  Break 2 eggs over the cheese being careful not to crack the yolk.  Season with salt and pepper.  Repeat with each ramekin.  Place ramekins on baking sheet.  Bake eggs in oven 15 m/until the eggs are set and the whites are not runny.  Toast up some bread, top with more bacon and serve!


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